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I created these "Heila Events" to inspire and affirm connection to

our own light and inner knowledge. I am hosting clairvoyants, energy workers, and wellness practitioners. My guest speaker will share his/her experiences, teachings, and their unique gift with the audience. eg: Mediumship Demonstration, Clairvoyant Reading or Energy Healing.

It's a journey, and It's an experience you will love!

–Lynda Wylde



TBA, 2019

2:00-4:00 PM


14601, 20 Avenue,

Surrey, BC 

in the TURNBULL GALLERY, at the South Surrey Recreation & Arts Centre


2:00-2:20 PM


2:20-2:50 PM


2:50-3:20 PM


eg: Mediumship Demonstration, Clairvoyant Reading or Energy Healing

3:20-4:00 PM



My name is Lynda Wylde You can contact me @ lynda.wylde@shaw.ca


I created these "Heila Events" to inspire and affirm connection to our own light and inner knowledge. Iam hosting clairvoyants, energy workers, and wellness practitioners in the South Surrey area. My guests will share their experiences and their unique spiritual gifts with the audience, giving you the experience of Mediumship Demonstrations, Clairvoyant Readings or Energy Healings! These events are live, and are filmed for publication.


I talk to more and more people that are opening up psychically. I believe that many people have questions, and are seeking to validate their own experiences.  As a member of the audience, you are encouraged to ask questions and share your stories, in regards to the event's topics. I have asked my guests to take the mystery out of how they read or work with energy, and how they experience their gifts.

I think you will realize that your thoughts, and experiences are common and shared by many.


After the filming and the Q&A, I would like you to stay and mingle with my guest. -- let's have fun ok?


Why the name Heila? Pronounced Hay-la


When I was doing research for a company name that would be meaningful to what I wanted to do, I did some research and found that Heila was perfect!

The word is an old Norse word meaning heal, hale, and whole. Old Norse refers to ancient Scandinavia, its inhabitants, or their language.

I do have that ancestry. The word Hale was a greeting and an acclamation of health and wholeness, and when we say hello, it comes from the word hale.


Also of interest: In Finnish, Heila translates to boyfriend, girlfriend, or valentine. It also seems to mean “hot woman”. In Swedish, Heila translates to “brain”.

Heila, as a baby name means healthy, or well one. The name is used for both male and female.


Debby Goodwin

Debby Goodwin is a self remembered Alchemist, healer, empath who brings in higher consciousness. She is aided by numerous guides who are assisting humanity in the  activation of their biosphere. From collapsing time lines to opening star-gates and everything in between.


When she was thirty nine she realized someone had purposefully placed a hypnotic trance on her. Come find out what happened when the same person told her to journal her experience. Debby has a way of weaving a story that will have you laughing for days! Her star family has shown her they have  prepared a star-gate in the room. The ancestors have shown they are there taking notes (a feed back loop) they say they are learning from our experiences. Be prepared for DNA up-grading and the down loading of your multi dimensional self.

Debby's Contact information: • debbygoodwin13@gmail.com • (604)819-5714

Vicki Starfire

Vicki has a background in counseling. She has been reading palms since 1975 in various countries. Among other places she has done readings on a houseboat in Victoria’s harbor and a 100-year-old house in Kyoto, Japan. Her readings are designed to empower and encourage in a positive, helpful way. She never tells customers what to do, but she may give them choices so they have a clearer idea as to what to do. She can discuss a wide variety of topics including jobs, family, health, love life or spiritual tendencies. In the past 2 years, she has added mediumship and the pendulum as tools for her readings.

Come chat with your relatives or friends who have passed over. She encourages people to record the readings

on their own cell phones so that they can listen again or share the reading with friends. 

604-741-4464 • contact@mysticfare.com https://mysticfare.com

Lindsay C. Etheridge

"The Intuitive Artist", Lindsay C. Etheridge creates things that are unseen, by channeling the divine through her art.

She offers intuitive personalized paintings where she channels in your angels and guides. The channeling brings a personal message through healing imagery, giving  a visual reminder that spirit is always there gently guiding us

with love.

Lindsay's website is; 


Laurie Morningstar

I have been assisting clients and students from around the world to awaken with compassion for self and others for over 20 years, through the creation and perfection of Emotional Alchemy. A process I created from Neuro-Linguistics Programming, Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis, various healing techniques and intuitive guidance from my spirit helpers.


I was one of the first 52 teachers for Drunvalo Melchizedek's 'Awakening the Illuminated Heart', a workshop on Ascension. I taught this workshop for three years  adding Emotional Alchemy and getting amazing results  accessing the Sacred Heart.  I am a Sundancer, tattoo artist and I have built motorcycles and hot rods, was certified in Tool and Die making in the 1990's. In 1995 I had an awakening and started my spiritual journey, dipping many times into the dark night of the soul, a space everyone has to go through in order to heal themselves and become whole.


Through the teachings I offer I hope to make your journey a smoother transition.

My website is www.morningstartransformations.com 

Miss Kursty

As a Spiritual Medium Kursty has the ability to make contact with, someone connected to you, from the world of Spirit. Your vibration, the sound of your voice, and your consent allows her to connect to you mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


She uses automatic writing, oracle cards, and clairvoyance. Her personal journey and life experiences add to this communication, and a healing is lovingly offered. The memories shared and the messages from Spirit provide clients clarity, understanding and guidance.


“We are all consciousness and light, and our journeys together are encouraged. Through Love and Laughter and some Tears... a soul touched can heal.” -Miss Kursty


To connect with Kursty; email: misskursty@gmail.com

Glenda-Ray is an energy healer Intuitive, Messenger of Spirit, Reiki practitioner, and has been teaching young children for 30 years. As a young child, Glenda-Ray had an experience of not being seen or heard- hiding behind a curtain, afraid to speak her thoughts and feelings for fear of what may happen as she witnessed what happened to her siblings when they spoke authentically.


This non-expressed energy had to Go somewhere. As a young adult, not yet knowing other modes of healing naturally, and how to integrate lessons- the Sacred wound manifested itself in the physical body, and almost left this earthly plane of existence. Through this powerful transformational journey, Glenda-Ray commanded to be shown another way- another way to heal and transform without manifesting dis-harmony in the physical body.Glenda-Ray was presented with many different healing modalities that literally showed up on her doorstep. In exploring these modes of healing,Glenda-Ray found her voice, claimed her power and gifts and now shares them with others in service to the highest good of All.


Glenda-Ray is the Author of the forthcoming book “Transformative Meditation: A Guide of Multi-dimensional Meditation Journeys to Transform and Empower All Aspects of Your Life.” Glenda-Ray offers guided multidimensional transformative meditation & shamanic journeys accompanied with sacred sound such as crystal singing bowls, drumming and channeled messages through her signature soul song- both for her clients and larger groups in meditation meetups.Glenda-Ray also offers healing for people and their pets both in person and by distance.

Her website is: https://www.reikiandbeyond-glendaray.com/

Susan Turner CHt, CBHt, Certified Facilitator & Author
Heart Resonance Master Teacher, Pain Relief Educator
5-5-5 Coach, Founder of the Advanced Spiritual Hypnotherapy Program
BLN Crystal & Angel Communication, Power Life Creator & Enhancing Relationships Program

Susan is an experienced hypnotherapist who has been on the faculty of the internationally recognized Coastal Academy of Hypnotic Arts & Science for over 6 years.   Her deep passion is helping others both uncover and discover their strengths, skills and inner power.  In addition to traditional hypnotherapy, Susan has specialties in Cognitive Behavior, Ericksonian, Spiritual, Virtual Gastic Band hypnosis.  For clients who live with with chronic pain (diagnosed) she has specialize training as a Pain Relief Educator.   She is a 5-5-5 Coach & provides all levels of training within the Heart Resonance (HR) system, as a HR Master Teacher & Practitioner.  She appeared on  the #1 internet talk show (iTunes) guesting on Al Cole's ABC New York ABC affiliate, "People of Distinction,"  and  is a contributing author in

Roy Hunter's #1 Best-Selling Book (US & AUS - Amazon) 'The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis.'  

Shana Lee is a Renowned Clairvoyant Medium and Spiritual Teacher. https://shanaleegibson.ca/

She believes that each one of us is a wave in the great ocean of God with unique spiritual gifts and a divine purpose.

Shana has 12 years of experience (in person and online) with clients in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia. She provides hope, validation, and inspiration through personalized spiritual mentorship, workshops and meditation classes. Known for accuracy she has worked alongside & produced events with renowned mediums Tony Stockwell, Lisa Williams, Mitchell Coombes and Mavis Pittilla.


She is the author of the popular teen oracle card deck Empowering The Teenage Soul. The 33 oracle cards and guidebook inspire the teenage soul in children and adults around the world. Another teen project Shana successfully produced, The Young Documentary Filmmakers in which 10 students created a short documentary about a local boy with Autism, told a beautiful story of local heroism and can be seen on YouTube.


From 2008-2015 she attended various courses at the Arthur Findlay College (http://www.snu.org.uk); the world’s foremost college of psychic sciences.

Shana Lee has demonstrated three years in a row at Banyen Books & Sound (Vancouver, BC). She has been featured

in the Squamish Chief, Archives of Cool, The Globe & Mail, CTV, Vitamin Daily and Vancouverite of the Week.

Shana Lee has been interviewed on Synchronicity Radio, Inspired Living Radio, and We Don’t Die Radio.

She also previously hosted her own show ‘Spirit Talks‘ on Blog Talk Radio.

Leah Burns BBA in HRM  is an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner, Psychic, Medium, Certified Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner, Certified Angel Intuitive, Certified Angel Card Reader, Medical Intuitive and Registered Aromatherapist.

My soul’s purpose is to help others find joy and purpose in their lives. I do this by working alongside your angels, spirit guides, and deceased loved ones. I lovingly create a space in which you feel empowered and joyful in moving forward in your life. Join me for one of my entertaining and informative interactive workshops, or for an individual session.


Contact me @ 778-386-6116  or  https://indigoawakening.ca/   •   Awaken to your True Self!

Julia King has been communing with the spirit world for over thirty years. She began her career as a counsellor

and group facilitator. She has an honours degree in psychology, extensive counselling training and is a certified

Mental Health Worker. She discovered that she was naturally clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient while doing

her counselling work.

The sudden death of her mother in 1999 was a catalyst that opened up her consciousness to even higher states of awareness. She found great inspiration in the teachings of Eckhart Tolle at that time and considers Eckhart her most influential teacher to date.

"Julia King reads and counsels with great depth, sincerity and authenticity. Her sessions zoom into core information and Julia provides tools that can be used to resolve and transform issues.

At the end you are left with an open window ( your limitless potential) to see your present issue with clarity and grace." --G.C. from Vancouver B.C.

She has worked as a clairvoyant medium for ten years and offers mentorship programs,

healing circles and guided meditations. She is certified as an Angel Therapy Practitioner(TM) and Medium by Dr. Doreen Virtue. 

You can contact Julia at 604-928-6522 or juliamking15@gmail.com or her website: https://www.juliamking.com/

Judith Fontaine is a Shamanic Healer and Reader and has been doing Mediumship for 23 years.

She works with various Angels, Guides, and the Whale Spirit Totem or what is needed for the session.

Judith uses various tools to aid in her Energetic Healing work, these include the rattle and drum, pendulum, chimes, crystals and sage which all aid in clearing, realigning and balancing the energies within and around the Aura and the Chakra system (also known as our Energy meridians). She also uses Oracle cards to assist in giving healing, guidance and counselling.


“Source has a universal plan for us. This plan makes us look and see how we really are

on the inside rather than the outside."

You can contact Judith @ http://www.healingshaman.ca/ or Call 604-349-7815  "It's all about being of Service.” - Judith

Thomas and Rita Moore are a Medical and Emotional Intuitive Health and Wellness Team. Together, they form an incredible healing team and life partners. They successfully help many clients return to health, balance, love for self, and to create harmonious lives. Their Website:  www.thomas-moore.com 

Thomas J. Moore is a gifted Medical Intuitive and Healer. Thomas pinpoints directly the cause of physical, emotional and energetic health issues and symptoms. He offers solutions to include professional health products to remedy these issues. He brings clarity to what is happening for you, your body and how this correlates to your life.

Rita Moore is an exceptional Emotional Intuitive and Healer. She has the gift of feeling and moving emotional energy that needs to be released allowing a person to become emotionally integrated. She provides the feminine balance, perspective and guidance from a woman's point of view enabling both men and women to access their true strength and power. Thomas and Rita are available for sessions at their centre in White Rock, B.C. and/or via Skype or phone worldwide.

Christine Amala Hayes, is originally from the UK, and has an amazing set of psychic gifts. She is a Clairvoyant, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner, Spiritual Life and Business Coach, and has channeled the Mother Whale Transmission Codes, Meditations, and Mandalas whilst attending the GAIA Sacred Mystery School in New Zealand and Australia. The collection is a work of love and dedication, they hold a very high vibration and are each a valuable healing tool.

Over the past twenty-eight years, Christine Amala has traveled the world extensively, bringing her inspired wisdom and knowledge to wherever she is guided. She was invited by China to give spiritual consultation for the 2008 Olympic Games.

Christine Amala has an uncanny ability for getting to the heart of the matter quickly and efficiently, shedding away subconscious resistances and awakening her clients to the outmoded core beliefs that too often keep them from achieving their fullest potential. Contact Christine at (604) 374-8664 and through her website at www.christineamalaeft.com

Chloe Ulis is a spiritual life coach, healer, and intuitive with a gift for reading emotions and clearing blockages to help people to achieve their highest potential. Chloe created her own customized healing modality combining life coaching, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), crystal healing, massage, and intuitive readings. Chloe is professionally certified as a Reiki healer, psychic, life coach, crystal healer, and as a past life and soul retrieval practitioner. Chloe has an art degree from Emily Carr and she has been offering creative art coaching & spiritual life coaching for 8 years. Chloe offers integrative healing, psychic development, crystal healing and magick classes at her business Airlea Mystic Arts & Healing.

For your customized coaching & healing program, visit http://chloeulis.com/art-school For healing work & spiritual classes customized to your needs visit: http://airleareikimassage.com/services/ 

Tully Miller is a Certified Associate Pranic Healer, an Astrology Teacher, and a Musician. These practices form the Trinity of his Passion, and are the medium with which he fulfils the mission of his Heart and Soul, to anchor and spread Light, Love, Joy, and Healing in this world. For the last Eight Years he has been  both a private practitioner, as well as a clinical practitioner at the Vancouver Pranic Healing public clinics. 


As a Healer, He works at the Conscious, Unconscious, Subconscious, and Hidden levels of the Etheric, Astral, and Mental bodies to uncover and remove the Root Source of disease as well as the symptoms. He is also trained in the removal and healing of Microorganisms, PTSD/OCD, Possessions/Unbeneficial Entities, Addictions, Fears/Phobias, as well as Pranic Facial Rejuvenation & Body Sculpting. 

As an Astrology Teacher, He reveals how the Planets, Signs, Houses, Aspects and Asteroids influence our Karma as individuals. One’s natal chart reveals all the lessons that One’s soul has come to this incarnation to learn, and tells of the template to which One will revert if they are not consciously living. This is generally a liberating, relieving, and therapeutic experience.


As a Musician, He is aware of the great power of the spoken word and of the importance of minding the words one chooses to speak. He has found a creative and constructive outlet for his restless mind and deep emotions through his original Music and Poetry, as well as through covering songs that are in alignment with his personal beliefs of Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Love. www.QuintileAstromancy.com

Coleen Doucette is a Master Reiki and Crystal Energy Practitioner graced with clairvoyant ability and a gift to channel the angelic realm of crystals and stones. Coleen’s access to a broad range of universal life-force pathways, deepens her clients understanding of themselves and the present course of their journey. As a Certified Reiki Master, Coleen offers Reiki healing sessions that provide energy balancing and a restoration of calming peace for her clients. She is a Reiki Teacher and offers Reiki shares and courses for those who wish to learn more about this life-changing energy.

Coleen is trained and certified in the ancient art of crystal energy practice. She provides treatments for clearing internal and external energy programming and activating the organic healing systems of the body, mind and spirit.

Telepathic communication with animals is a natural gift that Coleen has experience since childhood.

As a certified Animal Communicator and Veterinary Technician, Coleen has been sharing this unique skill for over 20 years.

Coleen is passionate about transformational growth through self-knowledge. As a Certified Professional Coach,

she is committed to supporting clients unlock there joyful potential and connect with their authentic self.

Please visit coleendoucette.com to read more about Coleen’s work.

Rev. Mary Elizabeth Hoffman's greatest influence was her grandfather on her father's side who was an active participant in the Pentecostal Holiness movement and her grandmother who communicated with plants, animals, trees, rocks, the earth and the sky. Through them she was exposed to the supernatural, prophecy, laying on of hands for healing and speaking in tongues as well as communication with all realms of beings, planetary and cosmic. Because of this she has researched and studied many varied belief systems, philosophies, mythologies and psychologies the world over, in search of Truth. She has been active since 1962 as both student and teacher of many ancient spiritual paths. These have included Egyptian, Celtic, Native American, Hawaiian Kahuna, Druidism and Wicca traditions as well as other indigenous cultures around the world.

Her focus today is working with the Egyptian Cat Beings whose role is the empowerment of the heart energies of love and activation of the Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, and the Balanced Reciprocity within and without in all interactions and relationships.  www.egyptiancatbeings.com


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